Zinc Overdose

What is Zinc?

Body requires several types of minerals to perform various bodily functions properly. Zinc is one of the most important micro nutrients required by the body that controls metabolism. Zinc plays a vital role in supporting immune system of the body by strengthening body’s defense mechanism.  Zinc helps in protecting the body from various pathogens, microbes and fungal component that affects the immune system. Apart from supporting immune system, zinc also plays an important role in the growth, division and reproduction of the cell. Overdose of zinc causes zinc poisoning that affects body’s internal organs. The condition of zinc overdose occurs due to over consumption of zinc micronutrient of exposure to a significant amount of zinc in industrial areas where zinc is used in daily industrial application.

Symptoms of Zinc overdose

Zinc overdose can be very fatal, and life threatening depending on the amount of zinc consumed by the patient. Overdose of zinc leads to abnormal copper absorption in the body which causes several disorders. In the case of zinc poisoning, patient must be given immediate medical treatment. Listed below are few symptoms of zinc overdose.

  • Patient with zinc overdose experiences body ace and pain.
  • Sometime overdose of zinc leads to severe diarrheal conditions.
  • Patient suffering from zinc overdose experiences difficulty in breathing.
  • Patients with zinc overdose experiences frequent change in level of consciousness.
  • The patient suffering from zinc overdose experiences sudden chills and fever.
  • Zinc overdose also affects the urinary system.
  • Patient suffering from zinc overdose suffers from seizures
  • Few other symptoms related to zinc overdose includes vomiting, yellowing of the skin, shock, etc..

Causes of Zinc overdose

The condition of zinc overdose arises due to the presence of excess of zinc in the body that hampers proper bodily functions. Zinc over dose occurs due to the over consumption of food that includes high level of the zinc component. Sometime over exposure to metallic zinc can also increase the level of zinc in the body leading to zinc poisoning. Zinc is mainly found in several industrial commodities including paints, vanish, dyes, anti rust agents, etc. Zinc is a micro nutrient that is present in almost every body tissues. When the level of zinc in the body exceeds the limit of 2 g the condition leads to zinc poisoning. Almost 30% of zinc is found in skeletal muscles and rest of the zinc component is excreted through body after being filtered in kidneys. Human body cannot store zinc in the body if it is the presence of excess thus daily intake of the micro nutrient is essential. According to the doctors, daily intake of zinc is body of a healthy male is recommended to be 9.5 mg and in women the daily zinc intake is 7mg.

Treatment of Zinc overdose

The patient suffering from zinc overdose must immediately seek medical assistance as zinc poisoning can be life threatening. In many cases, doctors recommend electrolyte replacement therapy as zinc poisoning hampers the absorption of copper and iron and leads to the depletion of magnesium in the body. In severe cases of zinc overdose, doctors recommend gastric lavage that helps in removing unabsorbed zinc from stomach. In such cases, doctor inserts a tube through patient’s mouth in stomach and pumps out the extra micro nutrient. Failure to seek proper medical treatment in time might cause several severe complications in the body. The complications that arises due to untreated zinc overdose includes brain damage, malfunctioning of body organ, shock, etc. Sometimes due to over exposure to zinc the patient can experience loss in concentration.

Role of Zinc in the body

Zinc constitutes an important micro nutrient in the body. It helps in the proper functioning of several body organs. Although it is required in trace amount in the body but it still plays a major role in cell formation and cell growth. Listed below are the major roles of zinc in the body.

  • Zinc helps in the synthesis and functioning of more than 300 different enzymes. The main function of zinc includes the metabolism of lipid, fat, nucleic acid and amino acids.
  • It plays a major role in cell reproduction, growth and division. It helps in maintaining the stability of the cell membrane.
  • Zinc is required for pregnant women as it plays an important role in the growth of growing embryo in mother’s womb.
  • Zinc also plays a role in DNA synthesis and genetic expression
  • Zinc is one of the important micro nutrients that support the immune system and helping repairing damaged body cells.

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