Xanax Overdose

What is Xanax?

Xanax is scientifically known as alprazolam that belongs to the group of benzodiazepines. The drug helps in slowing down the chemical movement in the brain that reduces anxiety in patients. Sometimes high paced chemical movement in the brain leads to the chemical imbalance. The drug checks the over production and movement of chemical and stimulants in the brain to reduce nervous tension. The drug Xanax is used to reduce panic, tension, anxiety, and depression.

Important things to remember before taking Xanax medication

The intake of Xanax is prohibited during pregnancy. The overdose of the drug can harm the unborn baby inside the mother’s womb. Those who are allergic to benzodiazepine should not take Xanax. Doctors usually seek proper medical history of the patient before prescribing Xanax.  It is advised to avoid alcohol consumption while taking xanax. Mostly doctor’s advices to keep the drug out of children reach.

It is dangerous to purchase the drug without proper prescription. There are several online vendors selling the drug on the internet, but it is advised not to take the drug from the unauthorized vendor. It is recommended not to take the drug in following cases.

  • Patient suffering from narrow angle glaucoma.
  • Patient on itraconazole (Sporanox) or ketoconazole medication must avoid taking drug Xanax
  • Patient allergic to benzodiazepines must prevent taking Xanax.
  • While taking Xanax, patient must avoid alcohol consumption.
  • Xanax must not be taken by the patient who has a history of drug abuse.
  • It is advisable, not to share the drug with any other person or without a prescription the dug must not be taken.

Pregnant women or nursing mothers must not take the drug. The chemical present in the drug can reach the new born through breast milk and hamper the growth of the infant. Breast feeding is prohibited for the women on Xanax medication. Aged person often becomes unconscious under the effect of Xanax thus accidental falls are relatively higher in the aged person as compared with young adults. The drug is also prescribed to anyone under the age of 18 years because it causes habit formation in teenagers that leads to drug addiction.

Symptoms of Xanax overdose

The drug Xanax must be taken appropriately under the prescription of experienced doctors. The overdose of Xanax can prove to be fatal for the patient. There are several symptoms related to the overdose of Xanax, but the main symptoms were listed below.

  • Patient with Xanax overdose feels dizzy throughout.
  • Xanax overdose causes severe vomiting and nausea.
  • The overdose of Xanax often lowers the reaction time and lowers the effect of other drugs.
  • Patient with Xanax over dose experiences slow heart beat.
  • Overdose of the drug causes difficulty in breathing and walking.
  • Hallucination and confusion might arise due to Xanax overdose.
  • Other symptoms related to Xanax overdose are weakness, loss of balance, fatigue, etc..

Treatment for Xanax overdose

The treatment for the over dosage of the drug varies from the amount of drug consumed. The treatment also depends on the substance ingested with the drug. If the amount of Xanax consumed is in larger quantity then, immediate medical treatment is required. In most of the cases of Xanax overdose, doctors prescribe the anti dote flumazenil to undo the effect of Xanax overdose. However, if the overdose is in high amount, then the doctor can suggest gastric lavage. In gastric lavage, physician inserts a large tube through mouth in stomach to pump out the unabsorbed amount of drug. The patient suffering from Xanax overdose is immediately admitted in the hospital to monitor the heart beat because overdose of the drug reduces the heart beat rate.

Directions for Xanax intake

The drug must be taken in the exact quantity prescribed by doctor after proper medical checkup. The drug must not be taken for a long period of time. Regular check up is compulsory for the patient taking Xanax because doctors might change the dose according to the patient’s medical reports. The Xanax tablet must be swallowed because chewing or crushing the tablet can increase the pace of chemical reactivity in the body. Immediate chewing of tablet can release too much drug at one time. In case the patient feels that the anxiety problem has been cured, then the patient must consult the doctor before terminating the intake of Xanax. The drug must always be stored in dark at roop temperature away from moisture.

Side effects of Xanax

The drug is helpful in treating panic, anxiety and nervous tension, but it often causes several side effects. Few side effects associated with the over dosage of Xanax are mentioned below.

  • The prolonged consumption of the drug causes frequent mood swing, depression, unusual risk taking behavior, etc.. In some extreme conditions, the drug sparks suicidal tendency.
  • Less urination is also a side effect of Xanax.
  • The drug causes uncontrolled muscle movement, seizure and tremors.
  • In few cases, it has been noticed that the patient on Xanax medication suffers from jaundice and yellowing of the skin.
  • The drug causes insomnia and the patient often feel sleep deprived.
  • Hallucinations, hyperactivity, confusion and agitation are few side effects of Xanax overdose.
  • Few other side effects related with Xanax are blurred vision, constant headache, memory loss, loss of concentration, swollen hands and feet, stuffy nose, dryness of mouth, loss of appetite, slurred speech etc.

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