Vitamin C Overdose

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the most required elements needed in the body. The vitamin that is easily available in the food elements, like fruits and vegetables, is a must need for the body. The lack of vitamin c can be dangerous to the body in many aspects. It is utmost needed that Vitamin C should be taken in order to stay fit. However, it is also very much needed that it is taken in adequate manner. The overdose of Vitamin C can be proved dangerous as well. According to the doctors and medical experts, Vitamin C is needed that too in adequate quantity. The shift in the balance of Vitamin C on either side can be harmful to the body.

The significance of Vitamin C is large because it plays an important role in the Collagen formation of the body. Not only this, the vitamin also has a great role in building the immune defence of the body. It is a water soluble vitamin that can dissolve iron in the body. The Vitamin c can’t be stored in the body, hence it is important to take the vitamin on a daily basis. The amount of Vitamin C that has to be taken by the body should be well within the defined limit.

Can you overdose on Vitamin C?

The chances that you will be overdosed by Vitamin C are high. Every day almost all the people intake Vitamin c is some way or the other. The overdose of Vitamin C may be intentional or unintentional, but the impact on the health is same.  According to the medical experts, 0.2 gram is the threshold quantity for the body for Vitamin C. The complications in the body start with the amount of Vitamin C crossing the threshold limit. If it is within 0.2 g limit, then the extra amount will be flushed out of the body.

Symptoms of Vitamin C Overdose

The symptoms of the Vitamin C overdose vary from the amount overdose. The overdosed amount of the Vitamin C often creates plenty of complications in the body. Here are the symptoms of the Vitamin C overdose.

  • Diarrhea is the most common symptoms of overdose of vitamin c. It has been observed that nausea, vomiting are also associated with the symptoms of the vitamin c overdose.
  • The heartburn is one of another very common symptom for the vitamin c.
  • Abdominal bloating and regular cramps is also very common feature of the vitamin c overdose. This generally creates due to the trouble in the abdominal area due to overdose of vitamin c.
  • Headache becomes very frequent for the Vitamin C Overdose.
  • Insomnia is the result of excessive vitamin c in the body. It has been often observed that the patient becomes insomniac.
  • Pain becomes very frequent as a symptom. Severe back pain is very common in Vitamin C Overdose.
  • Skin becomes itchy and often reddish in nature that leads to severe itchiness and uncomfort.
  • The Vitamin C Overdose can even lead to serious complications like Kidney implications, serious metabolism problem and even heart complication.

The symptoms directly show the Vitamin C overdose connection. It has been seen that the symptoms mostly indicate towards the symptom. Any of the symptoms can be dangerous and should be immediately medically addressed.

Treatment of Vitamin C Overdose

The body has the capability to fight against Vitamin C Overdose. Generally, if the amount is lesser, than the body can actually stop taking the vitamin in order to fight the symptom.

However, if the amount exceeds the level of tolerance, external treatment might be needed. Specific treatment for the symptom is needed alongside treatment removing the toxin from the body. An anti dose is often given to the body to overcome the overdose. Charcoal Therapy is another way by which the toxin substances are taken out from the body. If none of the therapies works for the huge amount of overdose, then Gastric Leverage might be carried out.

Vitamin C is very common in day today’s life. Often the complications are observed because of the excessive amount of the vitamin. The risk of the overdose increases, because the human body needs the intake of the Vitamin C in regular basis. Generally, it has been seen that people who are on external supplements often become the victim of the Vitamin C Overdose.

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