Vitamin A Overdose

What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is one of the primary ingredients needed for the body. However, it is very important to intake it in an adequate amount. Vitamin A Overdose is one of the common symptoms that is observed in recent times. This is also called as Hypervitaminosis A. According to the medical experts, the excessive amount of Vitamin A can become toxic for the body and can hamper the normal health. It is often seen that Vitamin A Overdose results in multiple disorders. However, the level of severity and the toxicity depends upon the nature of the overdose. It is also dependent on the amount of Vitamin A intake. According to Doctors, Vitamin A Overdose generally occurs due to the excessive amount of vitamin A consumption in a short amount of time. The duration can be of days and even hours to be precise.

Vitamin A is probably the most significant element needed for the overall development of the body. It is an essential element of vision, skin, immune, heart functioning and many other body parts. This is also readily available and abundant in food and fruits. As it is easily available, so it is very easy to get overdosed as well. Vitamin A Overdose can be overdosed by consuming vitamin A enriched food or vitamin comprised medicine. If the amount of Vitamin A exceeds the threshold value, it will start complicating the process inside the body and creates medical assistance.

Symptoms of Vitamin A Overdose

The symptoms of the Vitamin A Overdose are very much required to understand. The Vitamin A Overdose can be sudden and quick. This might require some basic knowledge about the signs and the symptoms of the disease.

The common symptoms that are faced for Vitamin A Overdose are feeling drowsy, abdominal pain, irritation, vomiting or nausea and even high blood pressure.

  • It is understood that Vitamin A Overdose at first impact the vision of the person. The eyes are most vulnerable, and that is vision challenges are the most common Vitamin A Overdose.
  • Dying appetite is another symptom of Vitamin A Overdose that is widely seen. Swelling and pain in bone are frequently observed.
  • Frequent dizziness, nausea and vomiting are few other common symptoms of the Vitamin A Overdose.
  • Skin of the patient is another very good indicator of the Vitamin A Overdose. The skin generally becomes pale and itchy as well. Oily skin is another indication of the Vitamin A Overdose. Cracks in the skin especially at the corners of the mouth are commonly seen.
  • Vitamin A Overdose if it takes very chronic form then can cause severe Jaundice as well.
  • Mouth Ulcers are also commonly noted among the patients in case of Vitamin A Overdose.
  • Hair Loss is a major and one of the common symptoms that are occurred due to the Vitamin A Overdose; hair also becomes oily.
  • According to the patient reports, respiratory infections can also take place due to the Vitamin A Overdose. However, it is not very common symptom and only spotted in rare cases. But the relevance and the significance of the symptom is of the highest degree.
  • The impact of the symptoms may vary person to person. It also depends on the severity of the Vitamin A Overdose.

Treatment of Vitamin A Overdose

The first and foremost treatment of Vitamin A Overdose is to remove the additional substances from the body. The treatment is obviously dependent on the condition of the patient and severity of the overdose. Sometimes anti dose of Vitamin A reduces the effect to reduce the toxicity of the body. However, it might not be possible every time. Medicine can only be useful up to a certain limit. Activated Charcoal is another commonly used methodology of treatment for the Vitamin A Overdose.

It is often seen that if the Vitamin A Overdose occurs for few days then it might take severe form. In such cases, special monitoring should be done. The condition of the patient might deteriorate in cases. Treatment available for the extreme cases is Gastric Leverage that washes out the toxin substances from the stomach. Generally, the process is done through an external pipe that is inserted into the body through nostrils.

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