Marijuana Overdose – Symptoms, Treatment, Recovery

Marijuana is from the hemp plant called Cannabis Sativa. It is a mixture of crushed and dried leaves of the latter. The dried leaves are used as a smoking paraphernalia joined inside a pipe or a blunt. It is often a handmade cigarette. To all the users, it is known as weed or pot. According to research and studies it is widely known as the most widely utilized prohibited drug. In rare scenarios and cases it is combined with foods or tea drink. It is also considered as a past-time drug all over the world.

Taking so much of this drug can cause an overdose. The severity of the overdose all depends on the stronger potency of the weed or strain. However the overdose is unlikely to result in fatal death but the signs and symptoms that it brings is very disturbing and unpleasant. More likely nearing a gradual fatal death. The common cause of a marijuana addict is not the drug itself but any other drugs that were taken together with marijuana plus the liquor or alcohol that worsen its drug interactions. Most people perceive marijuana as somewhat relatively safe. But as an advice, it should not be taken too much.

Signs and Symptoms of Marijuana Overdose

While most of the users will greatly smell of the drug, ingesting too much of this drug can lead to several unwanted signs and symptoms. Most of the users may experience these signs and symptoms listed below:

  • Difficulty of breathing, Increase heart rate, Dilated pupils
  • Paranoid felling
  • Hallucination, Disorientation, Panic attack, Delirium, Psychosis
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Anxiety, Fear, Confusions, Behavioural changes
  • Unresponsive or coma

Rest and Recovery

Many users of marijuana, takes a rest when they are in the influence of this drug. When not in the overdose stage, they just take a good rest and during recovery they get this “feeling of hangover “just like in an alcohol effect. Recovery depends also on the severity d the frequency of the user. When the user is “high” their recovery may take longer to effect.

Controversies and Debates for Marijuana

Listed below are some of the controversies and debates of experts divulging into this kind research and studies. Some of these studies have not yet verified:

  • First time marijuana users may accidentally overdose the drug
  • Some deaths of the marijuana users is caused by the primary active chemical of marijuana
  • The drug is used as pain management and stress disorder medication
  • Nobody has died of marijuana overdose


Symptomatic approach is a good deal for physicians in treating marijuana overdose. Those signs and symptoms have different medications to relieve it. Some of the drugs that can help and treat overdose victims are:

  • Psychotic drugs for psychoses
  • Anti-emetic drugs for nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle relaxants for dilated pupils, panic attacks and disorientation
  • Anti-depressant drugs for fear, anxiety, behavioural changes and hallucinations
  • Sedative hypnotics for paranoid feeling, fear and anxiety
  • Blocking agents for increased heart rate
  • Salbutamol for difficulty of breathing (you may include paper bag technique)
  • We also have different techniques that can alleviate some of the signs and symptoms.
  • Breathing technique(inhale/exhale)
  • Relaxation techniques (ex. yoga)
  • Meditations
  • Diversional activity (engaging in sports activities)

Helping an Overdose Victim

Helping a marijuana overdose victim is a great challenge most especially for health care providers. Physicians, nurses and rehabilitation centres work hand in hand in order for a victim to recover and regain its normal life. They help those victims of marijuana change their life and behaviour. They also advised to do diversional activities in order to divert their attention instead of using illegal drugs.


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    Marijuana overdose, are you kidding me. You can’t even spell correctly and you are a non smoker. There has never been a death attributed from marijuana overdose, you don’t know anything. Get a life!

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    This is highly misinformitive, it is not possible to OD on marijuana. There is plenty of scientific data that proves you can not. Get the real facts before you post B.S. :/ smdh


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