Guaifenesin Overdose – Symptoms, Effects & Treatment

Guaifenesin is an expectorant medication used for a person or patient suffering from an intense cough that produces phlegm and mucus. Chest congestion is also relieved with this drug. For decades now, this drug has been proven to be effective. This benefit has been grateful and still continuing to help for most people around the world. Most of the therapeutic claims of this drug have been a witness on how this medication alleviates the cough and congestion of the person suffering. Thus, making it as one of top expectorant medication successful all around the world.

Sometimes when a person taking a medicine, it cannot be avoided that they can experienced an overdose. Guaifenesin overdose is not really fatal but extra care should be exerted to ensure that the person can recover and revive of the overdose. They should be aware of the side effects, allergic reaction and potential adverse effect of the indicated drugs. Awareness and adequate knowledge is the key in order to spot and differentiate it from overdose.

Signs and Symptoms of Guaifenesin Overdose

Listed below are the signs and symptoms that is felt and seen during an overdose. People should take cautious action for this since this kind of overdose does not usually happened but it not impossible to happen though. Combined with other drugs, the overdose happened and the signs and symptoms are:

  • Vomiting (the most important indicator), Abdominal pain, Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Seizures, Hallucinations, Drowsiness, Dizziness
  • Abnormal heart rate
  • Blurred vision, Confusions, Cephalalgia, Muscle spasm
  • Cold clammy skin
  • Loss of appetite

Effects of Guaifenesin Overdose

Guaifenesin drug is often sold in the market with combination drug. This drug-combination depends on what kind of ingredients is mixed. There are common effects of combined drugs and these are:

  • It can lead to alcohol poisoning since this drugs contain alcohol
  • If taken on a higher dose , it can cause kidney damage
  • It can cause allergic reactions
  • In worst case scenario, adverse reaction and allergic reaction might occur together.


Guaifenesin drug comes in different formulation. For adults, the right dose and dosage that’s right for them is 600-1,200mg every 12 hours times 2 doses per day. For children, its 1,200mg for 24 hours divided to how many times the child should drink. The latter must not exceed. These levels are the recommended and it must be followed accordingly.

Treatment for Guaifenesin Overdose

Supportive care and symptomatic approach is the best way to treat this kind of overdose. Some of the treatment includes:

  • Muscle relaxants (for muscle spasm)
  • Anti-emetic drugs (for nausea and vomiting)
  • Nutritious and satiety foods (for loss of appetite)
  • Blocking agents for abnormal heart rhythm
  • Intravenous fluids are used if there is a needed arises
  • Round-the-clock monitor of the heart and lung activity
  • Other complications associated are treated accordingly

Guaifenesin overdose rarely happened and if there are circumstances that cannot be avoided, you easily manage and treat this promptly. To prevent or totally eradicate such overdose condition, you must read, understand, remember and follow the instructions indicated in the medicine label or information sheet. This are just simple ways but can turn out to be the best procedure you can do. Proper care and presence of mind are also essential in attaining the safety of the person. You need to avoid mishap in order to be safe, secure and well treated of the cough and congestion you are feeling. However overdose happen if you cannot follow simple instructions.


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